Tadashi Shiga

Tadashi Shiga is the owner and creator of Ekovate LLC. Growing up with deep roots in the Seattle real estate and development community, Tadashi has now been a real estate broker in the area for over 20 years. In 2007, he dove into learning about sustainability and energy efficiency for homes, shifting his focus and gaining a new passion. Tadashi then worked to become an Energy Star verifier and HERS Rater, and slowly began building a client base of developers and builders in the Seattle area looking to build green.

Tadashi was the first PHIUS rater in Washington, and was involved with the first DOE Builder’s Challenge home in the state in 2010. Tadashi has also been hard at work turning his own home on Vashon Island into a Net-Zero property. Tadashi leads a passionate team of green building professionals who help Seattle be a greener place.



With a background in engineering, tech startups, and residential construction, Sean brings a strong set of technical skills to the Ekovate team. Sean is a HERS rater, Built Green verifier, PHIUS+ rater, and NGBS verifier. Sean has a passion for sustainability and construction and is a valuable resource to the 200+ builders, developers and architects that he works with on annual basis.

There’s nothing he likes more than “geeking out” on the latest green building equipment, techniques and wall assemblies. As a former bags-on residential remodel carpenter he has a valuable perspective from which to advise builders and developers.